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Selecting German electric radiators is NOT rocket science.

There’s some disinformation out there about German electric radiators. Much of it is dispensed by companies that want to persuade you to buy their product. We want you to know that electric heating is not as complicated as they would have you think. Sometimes companies present you with supposed complications, in order to justify a […]

How much does electric heating cost to use?

“How much power will the electric heating system use, and how much will it cost me?” This is one question that I was asked today. When I advised the customer that I didn’t know how much a new heating system would cost to run, he put the phone down before I could explain further.The gentleman […]

Energy suppliers turned electric heating retailers (?)

The recent OFGEM rulings against one of the big UK energy suppliers has cost the group 10.5 million pounds in fines. Their mis-selling of electricity tariffs to UK consumers has cost them dearly. You’d hope that ?the slapped wrist would set them straight. It seems that now though, that they are selling (or perhaps mis-selling) […]

How to replace storage heaters

If you have decided to upgrade the night storage heaters that failed to keep your home warm over the winter, now is great time to make the change. Here, we give you a few pointers on how to get it done. Upgrading from night storage heaters doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s possible to make […]

German electric radiators: A price comparison

The Ecopower Heating advice on buying an electric heating system has always been the same: Avoid cheap, and look for value. Sometimes though, our prices look positively bargain-like, by comparison… Last month we supplied our electric radiators to a variety of customers up and down the country, and beyond – some as far afield as […]

Ecopower Heating Warms Worshippers

Members of the management team from St Mary’s Church in Tadley, Hampshire came to us recently for help with their heating. They now have ten Economiser Electric Radiators installed throughout the church. The congregation are warm, and the building is free from the damp which was damaging the church organ. The church had always been […]

Vantage Electric Radiators

The Vantage is the highest q