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Thought about upgrading your heating system? Whilst you may think it’s a hefty investment, the long term can reward you too.

Here are some reasons we thought that we would give you if you are thinking about an upgrade to your heating system to an electric one:

  • Benefits of Electric Heating Systems
  • No disruption during installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Fully reliable
  • Long lasting
  • Low running costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Wireless control
  • Attractive design
  • Boilers and pipework not required

In summary, electric heating is highly efficient and is a great alternative to oil fuelled or storage heating. They are maintenance free and, unlike some traditional radiators that yellow over a short time, the Ecopower electric radiators will remain white for many years.

The company has only the very best quality electric radiators?manufactured on their behalf in Germany and Italy and have some exclusive products to choose from. The company will provide free carbon offsetting?with every energy efficient product purchased, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Challenge them and they will provide you with the best advice and a great reason for switching.

Call today for more information on 0845 474 1478 and speak to the experts to find out just?why?you should upgrade your heating system to an electric one.

Why Invest in Energy Efficient Electric Heating? Wed, 16 Oct 2013 13:04:27 +0000 If you are looking for the answer regarding why you would invest in energy efficient electric heating then please read on. We are Ecopower Heating and we are experts and exclusive suppliers in Economiser and Vantage electric heating and we know only too well how the current future of gas fuel is uncertain, and how homeowners in the UK are looking into other sources of heat for their properties.
Main Benefits of Electric Heating
Electric heating works at 100% efficiency
Constant temperatures
No energy waste
The option?to choose off peak tariffs?
Make use of future sustainable electricity
No emissions – a greener choice than gas
Easy to install
Fast hot water and heating times
In simple terms, electric heating is energy efficient and when you think of constant energy prices rising due to the costs of natural gas, because electric is generated mostly by gas-fired power stations your electric bills will rise too. With many wind farms being constructed across Europe that generate electricity, it really is looking like a step forward for many?homeowners?in the UK because it’s great for end users that are reliant only on electricity for heating their home.
If you would like to find out more, the team on 0845 474 1478 are experts. They are Ecopower Heating and are ready to help answer your questions about how investing in energy efficient electric heating will reduce your fuel bills, and make your property more eco-friendly and appealing to future buyers.
Electric Heating Wed, 16 Oct 2013 12:59:34 +0000 With energy and natural gas prices increasing lots over the past few years and the ‘big 5’ about to set fuel increases again, people throughout the UK are considering different ways to heat their homes and properties. And with uncertain availability of natural gases in the future, many of us are turning to electric heating.
Electric heating is certainly making a comeback and the radiators available in today’s market are a far cry from the traditional electric heaters that most of us think about. It is the preferred choice of those looking for alternatives to gas heating and typical radiators that are managed by a gas central heating system and of those seeking efficient heating that offers peace of mind.
What is Electric Heating?
Simply put, electric heating converts electric into heat. Available in the form of electric radiators, the heating is powered by an electric boiler which heats the water in the heating system. Boilers are smaller than the traditional gas boiler and can therefore be situated rather discreetly in small spaces – ideal for those with awkward spaces and perfect for the new developments we see today which are much smaller than houses of yesteryear.
Electric heating is very easy to install and requires no flue – providing a very safe option compared to gas central heating that requires a flue and correct ventilation. With hot water and radiators heating rapidly, it offers a quick solution using control panels that are easy to use. They are quiet to run and?
If you would like to find out more about how electric heating can help your pocket and the environment, Ecopower Heating invite you to call on 0845 474 1478.
Economy Radiator Company Fri, 11 Oct 2013 12:02:41 +0000 Ecopower Heating are a leading economy radiator company who work very hard to have their radiators made exclusively for them.

Why choose Ecopower?

  • All electric radiators are German or Italian made
  • Warranty periods of up to 30 years
  • Competitive pricing
  • Efficient warmth
  • Maintenance free
  • Low running costs
  • No breakdowns
  • No need for boilers or pipes
  • 48 hour delivery

We don’t think that you need to ponder over a decision on buying electric heating or not. If you have to install new radiators or are renewing your old ones, you will be delighted to know that electric radiators are a far cry from older more bulky radiators and modern budget radiators that don’t give off heat.

If you want to save the need for having pipes, and don’t want to go to the expense of installing a boiler, then electric radiators are the most economic option.

Choose Ecopower Heating today. You can call directly on 8454 474 1478.

Economic Bathroom Solutions Sun, 29 Sep 2013 17:02:21 +0000 If you are changing your bathroom or installing a new one, it’s actually a great time to reconsider your heating arrangements. Opting for economic bathroom solutions means that you can heat the room as much as you need to without the worry of huge fuel bills.

Ecopower Heating are specialists in the supply of exclusive electric heating that can be used in the bathroom area, as well as in any other part of the home. Ultimately they assure their clients that their products are long lasting and efficient whilst the electric radiators offer general warmth through the rooms they are installed into.

Contemporary style or traditional style, there will be a radiator that suits your decor. Whilst old style radiators can be bulky, electric radiators are slimline and designed to fit in beautifully.

So, whether you want economic bathroom solutions or prefer to heat other rooms in your home in an efficient manner, talk to Ecopower Heating today for next day delivery across the UK.

Selecting German electric radiators is NOT rocket science. Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:02:28 +0000

There’s some disinformation out there about German electric radiators. Much of it is dispensed by companies that want to persuade you to buy their product.

We want you to know that electric heating is not as complicated as they would have you think.

Most complications are designed to enable a “Home Survey”

Sometimes companies present you with supposed complications, in order to justify a visit from their sales person (whom they may describe as an engineer). Sometimes they offer a solution for problems that aren’t really there, to add some perception of value for money.

A home survey, carried out by an engineer, may seem like a good idea when you’re investing in a new electric heating system. Having a specialist team of installers might also appeal. An expert, dedicated to reducing the amount that you pay for your electricity probably sounds great.

The reality though, is that you will likely pay a big premium for very little.

Let’s keep it simple. Here are our quick-fixes to some common problems that you may encounter, when buying German-built electric heating systems

“There isn’t a price list. There are too many sizes to list. ?We will come to your property – then give you a price.”

Our advice would be to insist on a price list before going any further. Without any idea on pricing, it’s impossible to know if it’s within your budget. Ask for an example price at the very least. Every supplier of German-made electric heating systems will stock a mid-sized 2.0kw radiator. Ask them what it costs. The answer should be readily available.

“Getting the wrong-sized radiator is a disaster, and it’s very costly. Our engineer will survey, and specify the correct one from our vast range.”

Obviously, ?a larger radiator will cost more to buy than a smaller one. It will not use more power though. If the electric radiator is thermostatically controlled, it will draw only as much power as is needed, to reach your set temperature. The price difference between our 2.0kw and 2.5kw radiator is just £20.

green-info-iconChoosing a radiator that is too small for an area can be problematic, as it may fail to raise the room temperature sufficiently. When specifying radiators for our customers at Ecopower Heating, we allow for a margin in our calculations, to make sure that all areas have enough heat output at all times.

“It is essential that our highly trained specialists survey, supply and install, for your safety and satisfaction.”

All you really need do is complete the Get a Quote Page. It’s impossible for a “surveyor” to determine much about heat-loss characteristics with just a tape measure. They will normally just measure-up, demonstrate a radiator, and then present you with some optimistic running costs, and a very high price. Usually the price is negotiable, if you agree to pay an immediate deposit.?

green-info-iconInstallation is easy. Mounting a radiator to the wall usually requires just four screws. If any electrical work is required, this can be carried out by any suitably qualified person – usually at a much lower cost. This is by no means specialist work. We will be pleased to advise you on this, and even recommend some great people, who don’t charge the earth.

“Getting the cheapest energy tariff is time consuming and confusing. Our energy experts will deal with the tariff-change for you, as part of the service.”

Changing tariff is simple. OFGEM introduced rules, which all energy suppliers should follow. They will be legally enforced next year. Suppliers?must give you?the best deal for your personal requirements, and they must make the process simple. The large number of tariffs was confusing, so now they have to be reduced, and simplified. There are comparison websites online to help you.

“Our German-built electric radiators should not be confused with others that look the same. Ours are made from better materials.”

When it comes to German-made electric radiators , there’s little to separate them. Any which carry the VDE and GS marks, are of a very high quality. The materials used in the production of these radiators are usually the same. A high-grade powder-coated steel is used for the outer casing, and a number of ceramic (Fireclay Chamotte) plates make up the interior.

“All of our radiators are made especially to order, at the factory. Due to the popularity, we are working to a delivery lead-time of six weeks”

green-info-iconIt’s great for their cash-flow, but not for you. ?Not stocking a product is a sure sign that it is actually not very popular. ?We distribute in large volumes?throughout the year, so we hold stock. ?By holding bulk quantities, we are able to supply to you at a low price, ?and at a time that suits you.


At Ecopower Heating we provide the best value for money for all of our customers. You can expect to receive the highest level of expert customer service. The ?quality of the Economiser and Vantage Radiator ranges is the best that you will find anywhere.

economiser electric radiators




Make the Most of Electric Heating Systems Sun, 22 Sep 2013 10:17:36 +0000 If you would like to make the most of electric heating systems then it can be essential for you to consider the best products available. There are many products on the market that can help you save on your fuel bills, and considering heating systems that work efficiently is one of the things that you can do to bring down your heating bills.

Electric heating systems are easier to install than the traditional gas powered systems, and almost every household in the UK has access to the National Grid who powers the electric in your home.

You can use storage heaters to make your system much more efficient; they use an ‘evening’ or ‘night time’ rate when it comes to your heating tariff and they offer cheap rates of water heating through the immersion tank in your home.

Without being too complex, the tariff is usually based on a particular tariff, each of which works on a different rate according to your usage and when you need your home electricity.

With mains electricity available to nearly every home in the UK it may be worth considering having it installed within your home. If you choose to do so, Ecopower Heating are here to help answer your questions and will be there to offer great value too.

Eco Friendly Electric Heaters Sun, 15 Sep 2013 10:19:08 +0000 You can easily discover how much you could save by installing electrical heating systems. Electric heaters warm up quickly and offer you the heat you need without the wait that you may be used to for more traditional systems to get started.

The oil-free technology used to power electric heaters means that this eco friendly way of heating your home or property is efficient, economical and effective. Electric heating comes with transparent prices too so you always know that you can benefit from eco friendly electric heaters that work to warm your home.

With the winter months coming up it’s the ideal time to look into different heater systems and if you need to replace your current heating, or wish to install electric heaters into a new property then Ecopower Heating may be the best place to visit first. The team will provide you with factual information regarding electric heaters, and will give you the advice you need to make an informed decision on eco friendly electric heaters that offer you the best way to manage the heat in your property.

Contact the team today using the form on the website and take advantage of eco friendly electric heaters that are manufactured and designed to do a great job.

Electric Heaters for the Modern Home Sun, 08 Sep 2013 10:22:00 +0000

If you have a modern home and like contemporary design then thinking about an electric central heating system that uses eco powered radiators then you may have found the company for you.

Electric radiators fit in the modern home beautifully. They embody the contemporary look of sleek, well planned design and offer timeless minimalist looks that will last and last.

There are all kinds of designs available and the team at Ecopower Heating carefully select from trusted manufacturers in order to build a collection that wouldn’t look out of place in the finest showroom. They offer next day delivery, discount package options, and exclusive quotations based on your requirements.

Their products warm up quickly, radiate healthy heat, and work economically to help you manage more efficient fuel bills.

Contact the team for a quote now, or see some of the positive reviews their clients have already sent the company

How much does electric heating cost to use? Sun, 25 Aug 2013 13:23:41 +0000

“How much power will the electric heating system use, and how much will it cost me?” This is one question that I was asked today.

When I advised the customer that I didn’t know how much a new heating system would cost to run, he put the phone down before I could explain further.The gentleman curtly announced that he would go to another supplier, who was more knowledgeable on such things, and that was the end of our conversation. I suspect that we lost that sale, but I’ll live with it.

Some heating suppliers just want the sale.

I’m sure that the gentleman found a reassuringly precise answer elsewhere. There are, after all, a number of electric heating companies that will readily offer figures on running costs and cost savings. We won’t give this information to our customers, purely because it is impossible for us to know, and we do not mislead anyone for the sake of a sale. We can offer some rough guides, but the actual price that you will pay is impossible for us to predict. On our Running Costs Page, we detail exactly why.

“Our advice to anyone who is looking for an electric heating system, would be to question any supplier who tells them the running costs.”

Any supplier worth their salt should know that the running costs of any electric heating system cannot be determined without considerable time and expense – more than is available to the average homeowner.

Our advise to anyone who is looking for an electric heating system, would be to question any supplier who tells them the running costs. The figures offered will be inaccurate at best, and sometimes just ?misleading.

To test heat loss, homes are sealed and filled with air. The air pressure is then monitored.

Usually a consultation from an energy assessor would be required to begin with. An EPC grading tells only a small part of the story though, and relates to the property in general. Sometimes EPC ratings are just wrong though. Some homes ?are much colder than others, for a number of reasons. Many times we have seen old, electric-only properties with single glazing, and no cavity-wall insulation, that have achieved the same EPC rating as a new-build property, which has a mains gas supply. To further complicate matters, there have been instances of newer homes that were found to have little or no insulation.

“Figures obtained from tests can only be relevant to those tests.”

A thermal image. Red areas show where the most heat is being lost.

The reality is that ?the actual heat-loss characteristics of an individual property are very difficult to determine. A detailed survey of the construction would need to be carried out. ?Thermal imaging would be necessary , and an air-tightness test, using fans, seals, and barometric test equipment would be required. ?Data ?regarding the heating appliances, the local climate, and also the tariff then need to be collated. Only then can you begin to understand what the real running costs of an electric heating system might be. We have a list of some of the other variables that must be taken into account, on the Running costs Page.

Although some electric heating companies may have commissioned laboratories to test the performance characteristics of their radiators, the test data should not be considered as relevant to the running costs that you will experience. Any figures obtained from tests can only be relevant to those tests.

Of course, we know that high-quality electric heating systems will usually perform better than those of a lesser quality, and they will certainly last longer. We also know that decent electric radiators perform better than panel heaters, convectors, fan heaters, storage heaters, and the like. ?The heating effectiveness and energy consumption will vary, according to the type of radiator, the accuracy of the thermostat, and the design of the appliance. What will have the greatest impact on the price that you pay to stay warm though, is the property itself.

Our quotations are free, and without obligation. Your personal heating specification will be generated by an expert using specialist software, to calculate the radiator sizes required for your property.