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Are Ecopower Electric?Radiators safe to use where there are children or elderly people?

Yes. Economiser Electric Radiators have wireless controllers that?can be kept out of the reach of children, making the radiator completely tamper-proof. Vantage Radiators also feature lockable controls. A robust build quality and an average maximum surface temperature of around?60 degrees means that Economiser and Vantage Electric?Radiators are also suitable for public buildings.

What’s the best electricity tariff to use?

Most tariffs are suitable for use with Ecopower electric heating apart from Economy 7, however, if you currently have an Economy 7 meter, it’s easy to change. Further details can be found in our blogs page. There are many different suppliers and deals to choose from since the deregulation of the energy market. Economiser and Vantage Electric?Radiators offer excellent energy efficiency with either a standard rate tariff or an Economy 10 rate, although?generally a cheap standard tariff is the best choice.??Shop around, use comparison websites, and ask for the cheapest possible KWH unit price. We check on tariffs regularly, and can offer advice if necessary.

Are savings on my energy bill guaranteed?

No. If ?for instance, you are upgrading from old storage heaters, it can sometimes be possible for your bill to stay the same, or slightly increase. This is usually only in older properties, or buildings with poor insulation. ?Although this is rare, you need to consider the reason for changing from storage heaters. One of the most common reasons for replacing storage heaters is that they run out of stored heat quickly – leaving the property cold by the late afternoon. If you have become accustomed to a cold home, you will appreciate the continuous warmth that a direct-acting heating system can provide. This heat is lost faster when the property lacks insulation though, so is maintained with more power consumption. Insulation, careful usage, and a low tariff are key. Every degree above 20°C?can increase your energy bill by around 10%, so it’s important to set your thermostat correctly, to the lowest comfortable level. We also suggest setting the temperature back while sleeping, and when the property is unoccupied. It can also be possible that a meter read has been made, when previously, your supplier had billed you based on estimates. This can also make your bill appear higher.

Why are Economiser Radiators priced so much lower than some other other German-built radiators?

Simply because our profit margins are far lower, we hold bulk